Kids’ Posters

Kids of Bolivar will be displaying their home-made and lovingly crafted “Keep Our Beach Clean” posters. The Big Store is allowing the display for the last weekend of this month, July 25-27 2014. All kids, who wish, can make a poster of poster board and any medium they would like. The purpose is to bring awareness

The Story of Evia Island

BirdsOnEviaIslandEvia Island, originally formed as a result of the deepening and widening of the Houston Ship Channel, was designed to attract a variety of nesting colonial waterbird species. The six-acre island was constructed in 2000. Although bird use of the island had a rocky start, 6,196 pairs of colonial waterbirds nested on the island in 2012. Evia Island is currently a successful colonial waterbird nesting island managed

Thank You Julia and Wallace Smith from the Golf Community

golf_0Over fifteen years ago Julia and Wallace Smith brought golf and the exclusive Rancho Caribbe’ Subdivision to the Bolivar Peninsula. Their selflessness and hard work in maintaining a golf environment for the citizens and guests of this community has been a wonderful blessing. More than golfers have benefited. Literally dozens of charitable organizations have breathed life into their projects through

Sea Rim State Park Rebirth – Grand Reopening

searim0After nearly a decade, Sea Rim State Park near Port Arthur is back on its feet with a new boardwalk, showers, campsites and even a six-person cabin for visitors. Hurricanes Rita and Ike nearly leveled the park and fried its electrical system. Now the park has been reborn with plenty of summer left for family getaways. A Video News Report is now available on our site called “Sea Rim Rebirth.” Texas Parks and

Rollover Pass Fishing Report, July 14 – July 20, 2014

By Ed Snyder/Outdoors
Monsoon rains conditioned the bite for Rollover last week with INCHES of the wet stuff dumped on our area. But now, as we start evaporating into our humidities for the dry out phase, the already wet fish are coming out to play. Reds, drum, whiting, croaker, and flounder are making their angler encores with the spotlight zeroing in on the speckled trout. The cut

We Left The Beach!

GO_0722By Georgia Osten
Only temporarily…we went for our Summer Trip to visit the kiddos in North Carolina. We arrived in time to pick up Addyson (6 years old) from swimming lessons – what a fish! She saw us standing there and man did she pour on the antics! Diving to the bottom to retrieve all ten of the rings thrown in by the teacher. The next day,

Being the scapegoat is not an easy assignment

By Brenda Cannon Henley
Having written for a living for more years than I care to remember, I am still amazed at how the dear Lord puts things in my path, brings subjects to my mind, or has someone ask a question that gives me the idea for the next column. There are days when I sit in my lovely office staring at the computer screen wondering what words are going to magically

Did you say S’mores…

CS_2014-0722-0DESIGN IDEA, By Cindy Clay Srader
I love the idea of open beams and the light look of this room. It is part of a New England beach house and is only used in the summer. One way we could have this look in our beach houses would be to actually install the beams and wood paneling after the home is insulated! I am sure that if a builder could make a cathedral ceiling using

Austalian Waterbirds

Aust Waterbirds By Jim Stevenson
Australia has quite a few waterbirds, both marine as well as freshwater. Most are different species from anything in North America, even though waterbirds have larger ranges than land birds, on average. There are several complexes that have one species in North America and another in Australia, or even six or eight species.

Journey III

Journey_0By Steven Arthur
“The Journey III is am amazing apologetic youth conference that starts on Friday, August 8, and runs until Saturday night. Many local churches youth groups will once again be invited to The Journey III. We will have a worship band and three speakers including our very own Chris Schroeder. The speakers will be discussing the design, cosmos, and

Outrageous! Entertaining! Energetic! Fun!

producersBy Linda Elissalde
If you are a Mel Brooks fan, and I am a Mel Brooks fan, don’t miss the Lamar State College-Port Arthur and Port Arthur Little Theatre’s production of THE PRODUCERS. It is outrageous, entertaining, energetic and fun. THE PRODUCERS was a Tony Award winning Broadway musical several years ago. The premise concerns a